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Post by WerewolfMoonHunter » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:06 am

Hello guys!
Today I want present you first of heros from my ideas for Inn heros. Halbarad was one of the leaders of Dunedains and Aragorns friend. He had a significant role at the War for the Ring. I was thinking about him as a hero with multiple roles: Scout-Supporter-Warrior.

1. Level 1- Toggle Weapon: Halbarad can use sword or bow at fight.

2. Level 1- Ranger from the North: Halbarad was one of Dunedains and defenders of Shire and other lands at the North. He knew how to use wild and hostile environment at his advantage. Halbarad will be invisible for enemys when he don't move. (passive ability)

3. Level 2- Captain of Dunedains: Halbarad was one of the leaders of Dunedains. His position means that some of the Rangers were follow his orders. Halbarad calls permanently 3 units of Dunedain Rangers at the battlefield.

4. Level 4- Messenger: Halbarad, when he came with help to Aragorn, he bring him message and banner from Arwen. Choosen allied hero gets some exp. and +25% to dmg for 30 sec.

5. Level 6- Athelas: Halbarad, as one of the Rangers, knew the value of Athelas and he knew how to use it to heal his and his friends wound. Halbarad and all allie heros near him get back 100% of their hp.

Thats all. I hope so you like it. Please, write me in comments what do you think. Thank you for reading.

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