Unit levels

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Unit levels

Post by Jet Xot » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:26 pm

What do you have in mind about the level of the units?

in the original game is a mechanic that didn't just work.

It doesn't bother, but it doesn't add a strategic depth layer either.

Some (modest) ideas...

-Lower from five levels to 3.

-Add different features when leveling up. Examples:
Uruk infantry, at level 2 has a bonus for his defensive stance. At level 3, two or three Bersekers are added. With less attacking power than normal Bersekers, but with the same small area attack.

Goblin infantry, at level 2, adds more duration and damage to its venom.
to level 3, a troll is added. It doesn't throw rocks, it can't take trees either. It is weaker than a normal troll. But it has special mechanics. Like throwing goblins to scare. When he dies he crushes the enemies etc...

Dwarf Infantry. At level 2 they can repair a % of a building. At level 3 they have a speed buff when activating a skill (3 seconds?). If during the skill they meet someone, they crush them like cavalry (LOL).

Infantry elf. At level 2, they can be healed in any tree. Even the mallorn you build. At level 3 they are immune to poison and fear, and get a skill that cancels out the enemy leadership buff around them.

Men of the West:
Soldiers of Gondor. No idea.

Orc infantry. At level 2 they get some health for every death, a nearby Nazgul doubles their experience. At level 3 they regenerate orcs to nearby units (orc infantry), only during combat. For example, every 3 dead orcs appears 1. The own unit at level 3, for every two dead orcs regenerates one. You cannot stack with other level 3 units.

This would only apply to infantry, so as not to complicate it so much. Infantry is the only role that doesn't have a very defined purpose, it depends on each faction, giving a layer of depth to infantry could make the game more fun.

In addition, with this system of levels you would have a good reason to buy the standard upgrade in the early game.

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Re: Unit levels

Post by BlackDouglasOK » Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:34 am

I think that level 5 is fine, because 3 is to low and level 10 is a waste of time in a aggressive/spam game that only have sense in BFME 1 campaign/War of the Ring
Stances are to passive, they would be better just as an behavior mode (don't attack enemies-attack any enemy) and more formations besides Porcupine for all pikemen and Shield Wall for Uruks/SoG. But abilities would be better for elite units, besides things like Guardian Charge. Horde number increase is interesting but adding pre existing faction units or improving their stats is a similar system to the BFME combo hordes and some upgrades like Venom Sacks, repair for dwarves have sense, but there is Rebuild that probably is gonna end as a unique dwarven spell because all spell books must be different

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