Campaign changes

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Campaign changes

Post by Loyd » Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:11 pm

Hi there is someone who would like to talk about the bfme campaign and say what would change in it and what missions would be good to edit?
Let's focus first on Rise of the Witch King ok ?

Every idea is good, don't be afraid to talk the debate is open

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Re: Campaign changes

Post by Lostir » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:22 pm

I'm personally more a fan of the BfME1 campaign than the BfME2 campaign.

For me a campaign should offer something that isn't possible in a normal skirmish or a simple mission map.
One of the most important things for that are choices in my opinion.

A first step are already the spellbooks, where you can select the order of spells that you want and which will carry over to other missions. Nonetheless, one of the most important things that made the BfME1 campaign so enjoyable for me was that you carried over your whole army or at least most of it. In BfME2 that was changed and you lost your whole army and got a replacement army the next mission.

Another great way of choice in BfME1 was that you could decide on the order when you played missions and that effected the further fights. I'd really like to see such a system improved.

On a different note, what the BfME1 campaign lacked were engaging and different missions. While there were a couple of really cool and unique missions like Moria, Lorien, Amon Hen and Cirith Ungol, most other missions were mainly fight until all enemies are destroyed. That was particullarily true for all missions not backed by the movies.
While the BfME2 campaign offered a couple of interesting missions too, the player could win most of them buy just slowly building his way with battletowers instead of interesting gameplay and puzzles.
The RotWk campaign is here my absolute favourite. There are hardly two missions playing alike and there are so many variations in theme that it is really great.

So, focussing on the RotWK as an example, I would change the following things:
1. make the campaign work on a war of the rings map such that you have to walk your army over that and select where to attack
2. armies carry over and you can give units names as well as having the origin of units displayed
3. more smaller filler missions, which have the main goal of building up an army or taking out enemy army supllies. Depending on which of those you do, the bigger battles will change. For example:
-attack the shire such that no halflings will aid in Fornost
-free different hill men tribes from the rulership of Arnor, which will weaken Arnor and give you more hillmen. Though if you waste too many of your elite troops on those missions, you might mess up the main missions
-conquer a pass over the weather hills, to get a way for a second army to strike from behind amon sul
4. splitting up your army to do different missions in a single round. Decide how many troops you will keep for your main army and how many you will spare for side missions, or leave troops behind to secure a conquered location
5. having more mini heroes. Just mini heroes with 1 ability, whose main goal is to give the player more of the feeling of having a chain of command. Those might even be irreplacable, so if you loose your Gundabad Orc Captain, your Gundabad Orcs might loose moral.

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Re: Campaign changes

Post by Loyd » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:33 pm

Thank you for responding to my post overall, I agree with you on everything

Let's see if someone else adds something, anyway I'm in contact with some people as much more sensible in lore

My big point is that I want each campaign to be different and also the mission, so it wouldn't happen again

Um destroy the enemy base because simply, maybe even tell a story in side missions

in addition to that, the war between Witch King and Arnor lasted around 500 years - so I think there is a lot to invent

after completing the Witch King campaign, I set out to Hobbit and then the War of the Ring

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