Unit reaction time

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Unit reaction time

Post by Imraeath » Mon Jun 10, 2019 12:38 pm

I was wondering about how the unit reaction times were being developed. One of my biggest gripes with BFME2 was that there was a few seconds reaction time from when I told a unit to do something and when they actually did it. This always frustrated me because it limited the strategies I could employ and also lead to some pretty frustrating engagements, that in hindsight were hilariously bad, but in the moment were very frustrating.
Also, when the time comes I can help with Romanian localization (sorry I was looking to see if there was already a thread for this but couldn't find one). I wouldn't be able to do the localization entirely on my own as I'm currently in engineering school, but would be very happy to work with one or two others to do it!

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Re: Unit reaction time

Post by Solethria » Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:01 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum community!

One of the big reasons for this project and moving BFME2 into a brand new engine with Unreal Engine 4 is to heavily improve problems that come with an old game like BFME2. Lag, be it reaction time or off-host disadvantage are among the things that the team is aiming to improve on.

As for localization, thanks for offering your support. Currently this is not an active subject within development but it will be in the future. When it becomes relevant the team will probably share more details.
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