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Assembling a Team and beta-testing

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 9:07 pm
by BfmeReforged
We are welcoming every person wishing to help us, but first, you will get a task to accomplish for us to test your skills and preparation level.

Have a look at our most recent page: Assembling a Team: 2020

You can contact us directly by writing here:

The project needs:

✅ C++ and blueprint programmers.​

✅ Specialists capable of setting UE4 physics simulations, dynamic destruction and collision.

✅ Character skinning specialists

Skinning is a process of animating a character using a skeleton and a 3d model. Unreal Engine 4 requires the modificator Skin for this to work, however, it's similar to how it was done for the old engine. Skinning is one of the most sophisticated branches of 3D graphics, that's why we value such artists to great extent.

✅ Texturing artists

Creating and applying textures are essentially no less valuable skills to us. We are also looking for those who are skilled with Substance Designer and Substance Painter (both applications are compatible with UE 4).

✅ 3D Modelers

The detailing of the great majority of buildings will be increased by ten times or even more. If you are ready to start working on creating new structures all while preserving their original style, we would be happy to welcome you to our team! Also, now for the correct dynamic interaction and destruction to work all models must be solid modeled. Nothing can be shallow.

✅ Animation clearing and correction specialists

✅ Particle FX specialists

✅ Designers and concept artists

It's imperative to preserve the style and "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" trilogies as much as possible all while creating new concepts of characters and structures much more detailed than in BFME II.

All our team members have an acces to all beta-tests and an opportunity to directly influence the upcoming game. If you are an outstanding artist, you will also get a part of donations.

We are grateful to all those who supported the project by donating. Please, don't forget to put your email in the comment while doing it, so we could invite you to a beta-test, when the time comes!

BFME: Reforged Team