What should team color affect?

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Poll: What parts should team color affect?

Plate parts (chest, shoulderguards, gauntlets, boots)
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Re: What should team color affect?

Post by BirdMan » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:03 pm

This is a hard choice indeed. I got used to the way it was in the original games but, i often find myself always choosing the grey color cause it looks more realistic when i play gondor etc.

Like it was mentioned on here, that could be a choice in the option for the player to set( between Units having colors or just simply colored decals around the units) since if the player is comfortable with his army not having any color and remain the standard realistic one. I think players should be able to do that. But for sure colors should be added to the game.

My personal take would be, have the option of disabling colors and replacing them with only colored decals while maintaining the original army colors. Every player will still have to choose a color for their army. The players that enabled only colored decals will have only their army on their screen ONLY, appear as the original color while the others will have the full color. if the players choose full color and not only decals everything would be just the way it was for them in the previous games.

So, everything is what it was in the original games and all players choose a color, but a player has the option to set only decals in the options menu, if a player does that their own army will appear with the original color JUST for their screen only and have colored decals instead. thats my take on it.

As for what parts of the units should be colored, i think the way it was in the original games was fine.

sorry for long text, keep up the great work :)

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