Isengard fortress concept art

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Isengard fortress concept art

Post by Solethria » Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:33 pm

Repost from official facebook:
Isengard fortress concept art

We thought that the base fortress of Isengard could be composed from rough metal materials, having iron plating. But then, when upgraded, it will have obsidian plating, which will make it more resilient to any damage, as a reference to Orthanc. The creators of The Lord of the Rings trilogy used obsidian glass to make the surface of the tower, which canonically was an indestructible material, that's why we decided to make the surface of the fortress similar to Orthanc's one.

Unreal Engine 4 will allows us to create a sophisticated material which will give the fortress with obsidian plating special shiny properties.
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