Closed beta testing access opportunity!

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Closed beta testing access opportunity!

Post by Solethria » Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:52 pm

A question to pro players of BFME1/BFME 2 and those who knows a thing or two about BFME coding.

We are using real measure units in UE 4 (centimeters, seconds). But it was all conventional in BFME, the units characteristics were assigned using by conventional units, percentages. We need to understand what those conventional units are based on in the old BFME and convert them into seconds and centimeters! The characteristics of game balance will come from BFME II patch 1.09.

Now, who is ready to measure the units characteristics of Isengard in BFME II, patch 1.09? The properties are:
-Running speed (centimeters per second)
-Attack speed (how long the attack lasts)
-Attack range measured in cm (for close and ranged units)
-Auto attack range (when unit spots the enemy and rushes to it automatically)
-Recruitment speed of units in seconds
-Vision range in cm
and all others...
Our programmers need all of this, that's why we'd appreciate a helping hand in that.
If anyone is ready to take this seriously and help, we will invite them to the first beta-test, which is not very far from now.

You can contact a member of the team regarding this:
- On the forum
- Via e-mail
- On discord (join our official discord
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Re: Closed beta testing access opportunity!

Post by Lostir » Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:27 pm

How do you intend to convert those values into centimeters? Do you have a conversion key between the BfME ingame distance system and cm, or is it the goal to create such a conversion key?
If the conversion key already exists, then the rest is just an easy extraction of values from the code for Vision (=standard attack range), ShroudClearing (=vision range), and AttackRange, or you could even use external programs. There exists atleast for Edain such a Searcher which returns all values for a selected unit.
Speed is a little bit tricker as I have forgotten what exactly the value specifies, but if I remember it correctly it should be distance/second.

For the recruitment speed the Buildtime can be even directly seen in the build object and is already in seconds. (The exception is the War of the Ring mode, where the buildtime means the number of turns).

Attackspeed/Attack Duration (are you sure what you really want to know?) is made up of three values:
-PreAttackDelay: the delay before the damage procs/the projectile leaves the unit
-DelayBetweenShots: the minimum delay between two attacks
-FiringDuration: the time the animation needs to finish before the unit is back in its start position
The actual attack duration is the maximum from (PreAttackDelay+FiringDuration,DelayBetweenShots). Also there should be noted that only DelayBetweenShots is affected by the RATE_OF_FIRE Modifier, but that one isn't used in the base game as far as I know. Another tricky thing that isn't used either as far as I know is, that there is also a PreAttackType, which defines when the PreAttackDelay is used (you could for example specify that only when reloading the PreAttackDelay is used and afterwards all attacks go a lot faster).

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