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Linux Support

Post by Teddy-Kun » Sun May 29, 2022 2:44 pm

Hello I wanted to ask if there are any plans regarding the support of Linux. I know that UE4 supports it. The question is if you guys want to invest the extra time it could and probably would take to support it.

In case you won't support it natively, I'd have 2 more questions:
  • What API are you using for rendering, DirectX11/12 or Vulkan? Using Vulkan would make the job of Proton (compatibility layer for games) easier since it is natively supported.
  • Are there any plans of incorporating any form of anti-cheat? I am asking because an anti cheat like battle-eye could break Proton, if you don't account for it on the server side.
In any case thank you for your awesome work!
I'd love to help, as I am somewhat of a coder myself, but I have almost 0 experience with C++ or UE4 so I would probably just slow you down.

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