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Gameplay improvements

Post by Berserk » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:16 pm

In this topic i want to talk about things that bother me in gameplay of the original bfme 2 and rotwk, and how they can be fixed in bfme reforged.

heres the first thing I want to note:

Quite often i find myself pretty annoyed after i watched a replay of my game on bfme 2/rotwk, because i keep seeing situations when a single lvl 4 banner carrier runs alone inside my army, and when the squad goes into attack the banner just dies, being useless in battle, even though i had a well.

How about hp bars of last couple soldiers surviving in batallion becoming bright red, so that the player will pay attention? Or at the moment when the number of battalion members are reduced to 3 there will be something like a recolored warchant (with a special sound) at the place where the dying batallion is standing, so that not only the player will mention that, but his enemy as well.

no metter the solution, i think that seriously wounded and dying battalions must be very distinguishable, especialy in a game like this.

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Re: Gameplay improvements

Post by PusTula » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:55 pm

The "Reforged guys" said they want to make battalions not able to stand on one same location. If they can manage to do it, then if u pay attention i guess u will be able to separate those units that are less in number.

I think if there won't be many troops that just flow together during the fight, this is a solution wich can solve the problem more easily.

Of course it only works if it is made precisely enough.

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