Sauron Appear & Disappear vfx (idea)

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Ellan Enish
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Sauron Appear & Disappear vfx (idea)

Post by Ellan Enish » Sun Sep 19, 2021 10:29 am

Sauron is the one of the most notable characters in whole Tolkien Universe and LotR saga.
Knowing that the Dark Lord will be summoned by an ability from Palantir he should get some notable vfx which would made him unique.

When Sauron is summoned to the Battlefield I think he should appear as in RotK deleted scene: A flash of light will brighten the screen, in this light an angelic figure of Annatar would appear and when the light fades shadow of Annatar will transform into Saurons malicious form which we get to play.

After Sauron is killed his body could react in the same way as in the Fellowship of the Ring movie, energy would be absorbed towards him until it splashes out of him and his corpse smashes into pieces.
You could also add a shadowy blured figure of Sauron after his body "explodes" which would dissapear after seconds like smoke blown away by the wind, that detail appeared in the books during the final defeat of Sauron.

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