Noldor Last Alliance Armor (Suggestion)

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Ellan Enish
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Noldor Last Alliance Armor (Suggestion)

Post by Ellan Enish » Wed Sep 08, 2021 4:25 pm

BFME Reforged presented us the great looking Noldor elves model.
Still we are uncertain what upgrades will be introduces for those kind of units.
My proposition is the golden Last Alliance "Ancient War Armor" which will be an armor upgrade for Noldor units.

About look: The silver plates and red cloaks will be replaced with golden armor and grey-blue robes.
The team could even some small diffrences in the model of armor itself to make it a bit more original.

Idea for a background lore: the noldor elves used to put on their golden coloured armour during the time of great wars, such as War of the Elves and Sauron and War of the Last Alliance. When upon peace again the glorious armor is laid down in elven armories but the elves will never forget their dreaded past and so the diagrams are waiting in the elven forges to be used when needed...

About function: The "Ancient War Armor" could be the best armor upgrade in the entire game as we know that the smithing skill of the Noldor is very high. A compensation for this quality could be the fact that the upgrade would be last in the Elven Forge and so it would take some time to aply this upgrade to your Noldor units.

Thanks for attention,
You can always use our ideas as you want.

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