Improved physics

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Improved physics

Post by second_of_the_nine » Thu Jul 01, 2021 11:46 am

Hello BFME Reforged Team and community!

First, let me express my greatest happiness and support to all of you! You guys are making dreams come true.
I was wandering, if there is an intention of Reforged team to improve ingame physics or rather stick to the simplified system of BFME 1 & 2.

What do I mean by this; in ORIGINAL BFME troops usually have a "flying" animation, "hit-ground" animation and "stand-up" animation. Direction of flight is usually a couple of vectors generated from the direction the troll/cavalry unit is attacking. This principle works for most of the units (even if mumakil falls on top of a unit, it flies away).

Question; Are you guys planning to extend this physics system of unit interactions? The unit collision system as you presented it seems capable of more fancy stuff.
Some examples:
Animation of troop being trampled to dirt instead of flying
When unit gets slapped by troll, it collides with other units when hitting ground (that may change the gameplay itself)
Rock hitting a tower blows off a piece of the tower, changing speed, spin and direction and flies on, maybe hitting something else (disappears when stops)
Direction of spearman formation should have big impact on their fighting ability (and cavalry resilience)

Of course, most of animations have to be backed since physics simulation is hard to compute.
Would you suggest the physics to be eye candy only or rather as a more realistic, gameplay influencing factor?

PS: Give Galadriel a support power when she grows elven forest around her as she walks the battlefield, boosting units and heroes around her. She is such a selfless character, capable of "cleaning things from evil" and "supporting heroes from distance".

May the Valar bless you all!

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