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Pikemen Half-Trolls problems by goblin faction and ways to solve them

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2020 2:13 pm
by Huntik43
I always thought that the U were not able to repel the enemy's armies very effectively for two reasons: first pikemen Half Trolls too slow to do so very penalized being the only unit able to resist more types of units (knights, infantry if armed with forged blades and basic archers) so it lacked the mass of units that was fundamental for the type of game I had set (against AI 3 difficult factions or 2 difficult factions and one brutal I have all at normal difficulty) and above all too expensive in terms of money (do the treasury 1000, take armor blades and banner holder 3000 then arm them etc ....) even if I had unlocked the "looting" power the money was always inadequate, now we come to my suggestion.
the idea is to create a new unit of goblin spearmen (who will take on the role of basic spearmen and to leave the half-troll swordsmen by changing their skills (I thought I would give them bonuses against the knights) you say what about the reforged teem think and you too of the forum, hello