Soft faction reworks

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Soft faction reworks

Post by Psoglav » Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:59 pm

Since this won't just be an adaptation of BFME II there's an opportunity to revamp everything from the ground up. Since Isengard seems like the most developed faction at the moment, let's start with them:

-A less significant change: rename Orckfire Munitions fortress upgrade into Fire of Orthanc.

-Warg Sentry: make them look like an artificial kennel version of the wild warg dens with wargs inside when not attacking.

-Uruk-hai and their Crossbowmen variant can be outfitted with T3 Shield Armory upgrade which makes them resistant to ranged attacks from the front. Such large pavise shields were a popular defensive tool of crossbowmen, and given we've already seen these being used in the movies, I see no reason why they shouldn't be utilized.

-Uruk-hai Pikemen have or at least should have the longest pole weapons in the game. The change I propose for all pole weapon infantry is to change the second formation into "hold formation" stance and make weapons themselves count as impassable terrain for infantry. While in formation the unit would have a slower turn rate.

-Uruk-hai Scouts: elite Uruk-hai that fight with both blades and bows. They move fast for foot soldiers. These are the big brained orcs of culture that understand the concept of menus!

-Wildmen Axe Throwers: change the design to shield & axe as dual-wielding makes no freaking sense. They still throw axes at range, but are now also decent melee combatants, though generally more fragile than infantry belonging to trained and well-equipped Men of the West.

I wouldn't complain if we would have the option to switch to Hobbit version of warg models.

-Warg Pack: they are now able to trample infantry. Their Howl ability has been changed: it now reduces damage and armor of surrounding enemies. This gives them more synergy with other units while reducing their ability to chomp down resource structures.

-Warg Riders: they can be recruited from the Warg Pit, but now you can also upgrade Warg Pack into Warg Riders on the battlefield.

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Re: Soft faction reworks

Post by TheGardOfIsen » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:57 pm

damn this could be cool

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Re: Soft faction reworks

Post by Kumquatwhat » Wed Aug 19, 2020 10:08 pm

As long as we're talking about reworking factions, I wouldn't mind some of the consolidated factions being expanded out into their constituent entities while they're at it. Men of the West could be broken up into Gondor and Rohan, Mordor can have the various evil aligned men split off, Isengard can have the Dunlendings split off (which I think was the case in BFME1?), and although breaking the Elves up into each of their constituent pieces might be a bit much, I think something could be done to not force four different cultures to all be under the same roof.

I realize that may be a lot initially - perhaps beyond the scope of what you intended - but it's something I'd like to see.

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