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Ring Hero

Post by Esparado87 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 3:56 pm

So, if ring heroes are going to be implemented and accurate to the lore, then it's Frodo as ring hero for good faction and Sauron for evil faction.

But what if we have a fun and diverse (a bit lore unfriendly though) cast as ring heroes?

Men: Gandalf (ring works like a upgrade).

Elfs: Galadriel (like in bfme2, but more abilities).

Dwarfs: Thorin & Company (including Bilbo) (company are disguised as abilities).

Mordor: Sauron (like in bfme2, but more abilities).

Isengard: Saruman (ring works like a upgrade).

Goblins: Smaug (a bigger version of Dragoth).

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