Will Battle for Middle Earth Reforged emulate the building mechanics of BFME1 or BFME2?

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Will Battle for Middle Earth Reforged emulate the building mechanics of BFME1 or BFME2?

Post by DingoDank » Mon Jun 08, 2020 9:01 am

First of all,

Hi and thanks for doing this. The BFME games have given me my most cherished memories in RTS games so i'm very excited about what you are trying to create here.

I've looked through your videos and i can't seem to find out if you're going to recreate the base-building and resource management mechanics from the first or second game.

Given the fact that you have already stated that you intend on implementing the Goblin faction which as far as I remember wasn't in the first game i'm more inclined to believe that you're working on the same mechanics as the second game (after all the second game was more successful multiplayer wise and i'm fairly certain that some tournaments are hosted on that game to this day).

If there's a chance that you haven't made up your mind about this yet let me give you my humble opinion on what made the different systems work for each title and what was less fun.

Base Building:

The locked base locations and building tiles allowed for a more streamlined experience that lets players focus more on the micro management of their armies instead of the macro management of building placement. This, whilst not as deep or complicated as BFME 2's building system was in my opinion much more suited for Campaign play as it felt somewhat unnatural to ride the dreaded nazguls through through rivendell and hew down the panicked elves whilst also having to pain stakingly make sure that your next resource building is placed in the exact perfect location for it to produce at 90% rather than 83%.

The mechanics of goblin and dwarf tunnels allowed for cross map reenforcements and small skirmishes around key locations that otherwise would have ended up being at either a choke point on the map or next to/inside any of the players bases. This in turn made players utilize more of the map and in combination with resource buildings spread accross the battle field made it sometimes crucial to scout less important locations on the map to gain the upper hand. This, in my opinion did not translate well to campaign gameplay as moving your slow doomstack of fully buffed elven archers accross the map just because you forgot to take out a furnace felt like busy work.

The bases in BFME 1 looked much more natural and gave me the illusion of a cohesive forward base/camps rather than numerous types of buildings spread out across a field with no impact on the environment. You'll have to admit that the black iron fortress of mordor looked a lot less intimidating when placed on a lush meadow in the shire with butterflies circling the towers.

In short: I would argue that BFME2's system was much more suited for multiplayer skirmish battles in comparison to the previous system that felt a lot more immersive and easier to manage in a campaign setting.

Thanks for reading and i'm hope that you're staying safe during the pandemic :)

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Re: Will Battle for Middle Earth Reforged emulate the building mechanics of BFME1 or BFME2?

Post by DingoDank » Mon Jun 08, 2020 9:31 am

Now that i've scrolled the Forums a bit more i can see that the question has already been answered as the game is going to be based around the second game's system.

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Re: Will Battle for Middle Earth Reforged emulate the building mechanics of BFME1 or BFME2?

Post by Floris » Sat Jun 13, 2020 12:12 pm

I personally had the concept of trying to combine the two since I like both approaches quite a bit.

You can only have one main fortress from where you start out but you can capture limited amount of outposts on the map that function almost similar if a little weaker where you can build "mini-fortresses". I think this would give some more variety and sub objectives during games. Will you just aim for the enemy base or try to gain more control of the map by capturing these outposts but risk splitting your forces? It adds some more nuance.

It would also solve an issue I have with BFME2 late game since you can potentially just fortress spam if it grows into a stalemate having these outposts late game and could maybe give you some advantages after a certain time threshold maybe breaking the issue of stalemates. So limited fortresses but still the same freedom with others buildings perhaps.

Just some thoughts I had thinking about it all that seemed interesting to me, I am no game designer by any means.
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