Ressource income system

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Ressource income system

Post by TohoBuWaha » Thu Feb 20, 2020 10:17 am

Hello there,

first of all it's been like 10 years ago (wow :D) that I played this game, so maybe this changed already.

Back when I was playing the ressource buildings started to produce less the more you had - which probably is a good concept for balancing purposes, as it would probably snowball too hard if it wasn't that way. But also it was to an extreme that there was an optimal numbers of buildings (something like 12 I think) and you'd actually get less income if you went over that. That I think is a very bad concept as expanding further should always be rewarded, no matter how much you already have.

Could someone explain what the plan for reforged is in that regard?

I think (if the system is still the same) it would be very nice to implement a cap at like ~10 buildings where you don't get lowered any further and can just continue expanding without worrying (well, most maps are no that big anyway^^).

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Re: Ressource income system

Post by Lostir » Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:17 am

I agree, inflation is a mechanic that is necessary against snow-balling, but building a new resource building should never be negative for your income.

The original values were:
100 100 100 100 90 85 80 75 71 68 66,
with a level 1 resource building producing 250 per minute.
So you get the following total production for X resource buildings:
1: 250
2: 500
3: 750
4: 1000:
5: 1125
6: 1275
7: 1400
8: 1500
9: 1597,5
10: 1700
11: 1815

12: 1980
13: 2145

Pretty much what you suggested. Though there is the additional factor of resource buildings blocking each other, which is kind of a secondary kind of inflation.

Also, there is the effect that by building a new resource building when all others are already at level 3, could reduce your income until the building is leveled up.

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Re: Ressource income system

Post by hidanio » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:44 pm

I think a good way is to analyze the economics of other mods such as Edain, Thoa, TOPR, TOOD. Take the best ideas from there, recycle them and test them. Of course, the classic version remains, but it is outdated in comparison with modern strategies and more flexible economy is needed.

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