Will this game focus more on the books or movie?

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Will this game focus more on the books or movie?

Post by Purity Crusader » Mon Feb 17, 2020 6:49 pm

This project I would like to say is awesome, and I wish all of you working on this the best of luck to get this project finish. :D

Though now to the point of my discussion, I was wondering which lore (as in character models and architecture) are you going to be more loyal to. My stand point is more towards Tolkien's book lore, though I did like Lotr movies as well (not the hobbit though, that was trash :x ). Also what stuff are you guys going to originally make as in artwork, models, and textures? I would really like to see (especially for heros) you guys use more of your own idea for their models/artwork instead of looking to the movies for ideas.

Finally I wanted to add a list of things that I would like and dislike to see in the game and your opinions about them.

To Add-

Arnor/Dundian Faction- If you guys add an Angmar faction, I would love to see a Arnor faction to balance out the good-evil ratio, plus I like the idea of having a separate Dundian faction, instead of just having rangers as inn units.

Arnor/Dundian Heros- To either Rivendell or if you do a Arnor faction

Buffed Heros- From BFME 2 heros like eoywen, theoderin and boromir seemed pretty weak. I would like to see them with more buffed abilities, especially when they are going one on hordes.

Hobbit Heros- Someone else had this question I would like to address this by either adding hobbits heros to each factions (frodo & sam to elves, bilbo to dwarves, merry to rohan, pippin to gondor) or make them recuitable at an inn.

More diverse units at the inns- I would like to see more units recuitable at inns then in the previous games (make even having inn heros) this would be good so that evil factions could get unit like haradrim or easterlings and good factions could get beornings or dundian from the inn. Plus also being able to recuit more than one unit would also be good.

Pls Don't add-

Tauriel- She wasn't in Tolkien's lore and her character in the movie was only used for an awkward love triangle.

Azog- If you use Azog don't make him like he looked from the movies (the albino Uruk I call him), in the book he was a powerful goblin chief and I really like his look from the original BFME II.

Goblin King from the hobbit movie- the goblins already have a king Grolik, I really don't want to see another globin king in there faction (especially one that looks like a fat troll)

Castle system for all maps- I really like BFME 2 system for base building, allowing for you to build bases where ever on the map instead of being stuck to one location. Some game (especially against harder enemies) you had to move your base or build a second one in order to be victorious

Units that seems out of place for certain factions-- units like dragon broods for goblins, catapult mounted trolls, tower guard battlions (they where more special forces), or any units that seem out of place lore wise or realistic wise.

Again want are your opinions on these things? I looked forward to your guys progress on this game and I hope for the best for all of you. 8-)

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Re: Will this game focus more on the books or movie?

Post by Lostir » Mon Feb 17, 2020 7:47 pm

Welcome to the forum.

The game will stick widely to the normal BfME2 so I guess decisions that have already been made there concerning book and movies will stay similar.
Otherwise, I don't remember any statement about movie or book priority.

The factions will probably be the same as in BfME2, and maybe Angmar will be added later. From what I heard the team seems reluctant to add other factions. But time will tell. There is also a faction discussion thread here in the forum, where a lot of people have voiced their wish for Rohan and Gondor to be seperated.

Can't agree on Boromir, he was one of the strongest heroes in the entire game in my opinion. But I'm a huge fan of cheap scout heroes myself.

Completly agree with more diverse inn units, and I believe I read that that is going to be a thing.

Personally I don't have anything against Tauriel, apart from the love triangle. If we ignore that she is a character which could have been there and whose existance is pretty likely.

No Azog from the movies completly agree. But I don't want Gorkil either, because he doesn't fit into middle earth. Book Bolg would be the best choice.
And I like the Great Goblin personally.

The build-system will be the one from BfME2.

Mainly agree to those non-lorewise units. Troll catapults make sense in my opinion and are very likely to exist. (Or dead you mean the weird trolls with catapults on their backs from the Hobbit which were completle nonesense?) And I would add to that list the Uruk-Death-Angles from the expansion, Spider Riders or Spiders in general for the goblins including Shelob.

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Re: Will this game focus more on the books or movie?

Post by BlackDouglasOK » Tue Feb 18, 2020 3:11 am

They are gonna stick more to both trilogies, but they are gonna use book elements to enrich the game
As lostir said they are gonna make bfme 2 factions and maybe angmar, they had talk a lot how this is good and creating factions is hard without lazy planing, but time will tell if they add more factions (I disagree with this)
I hope they improve certain heroes, not exactly buffing them but more like make them unique and partiulary useful depending on the situation. I also hope better hobbits but I think they will stick only to MotW or Elves as an spell. Inns are a late thing ti add, if they do
Tauriel will replace Legolas as one of the most powerfull, S tier hero with near ring-hero/25pp abilities
Film Azog, bolg and Great goblin will replace their bfme2/rotwk versions to the Wild (goblin) faction
Idk about the units, I like the goblin dino and tower guards fit normaly, I think one dev said that cata-trolls from the hobbit are interesting but not suitable right now.
And lostir, I think they are not gonna implement the three uruk deathbringer unit, so thats great

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Re: Will this game focus more on the books or movie?

Post by Purity Crusader » Tue Feb 18, 2020 10:35 pm

Lostir- Thanks alot for your response, I really appreciate your quick response.

I just wanted to make some clarification on my post.

Tauriel, I guess I'm more mad at the movie creators for doing a bad job with her role, I too believe that she could have existed, but her role should have been a lot different then that of the movie. Personally she should have played a more minor role in the story (like maybe helping Bilbo free the Dwarves from prison, by getting the guards drunk from wine).

For heros, I guess I'll leave that up the team, I just really like playing games where I hold off enemy hordes with just heros and powers.

I BFME 2 style buildings and diverse inn units alright :D.

For the troll catapults I meant the silly ones from the movies, but If you could make ones that seemed more realistic and practical, then I would be fine with that. For the spider riders, uruk death-Angles, and Shelob, I am find with them being added to BFME Reforged; I too like them.

For the Goblin leader if you do Bolg (meaning no Gorkil or Azog) then I would like to see him done in your own perspective instead of the movie's (I loved your work on King Trandriul because it seemed original; with a little touch of the movie). If you also use the Great Goblin for a hero, then I would like to see him as more of a large Goblin (uruk size) instead of what the movie portrayed him.

I am seeing the work on the game from youtube, moddb, and your website, and I do like the progress so far, I was only really concerned about how you guys would portray the reworked heros. Whether you create models based of the movies or create models based on a movie/book combination.

Overall great work 8-) and I look forward to the final project :mrgreen:

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Re: Will this game focus more on the books or movie?

Post by BlackDouglasOK » Wed Feb 19, 2020 6:06 pm

My Tauriel sentence was a joke

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