adding something to the userinterface

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adding something to the userinterface

Post by Ljosdos » Mon Jan 20, 2020 12:07 pm

i would suggest using some features from CoH2. In that game all your units that you have build have a small symbol on the top of the screen, showing the unit type, number of units in the battalion and health of the whole battalion. Also every unit has the ability to retreat to the nearest base as fast as possible. Why do I think those features are very neat: Due to the reduced sizes of battalions every single battalion is precious. You want to keep your units alive and you want to know how your troops are doing in a battle. The ability to keep track how many units are left in a battalion and to have a fast option to retreat them if they are losing in numbers helps you to stay alive longterm and keep the match going. Furthermore could it improve how some units are used. The ability of cavallerie or other fast units to run fleeing enemy units down could have devastating effects on the oponent.
Another positive effect of those features would be that leveling up troops will be easier.

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Re: adding something to the userinterface

Post by Lostir » Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:26 pm

Could you post a screenshot or a different image, as I never played that game, so some kind of visual aid would be great.
BfME has a lot of hordes, so I imagine having every single one of them on the top would be too much, or the symbols would have to be far too small. Instead I think the army groups that could be created in BfME could be shown on the top of the screen with a health for the whole group.

Retreating might be useful, but I never had a problem with it. Just sending them out of battle with a movement order seems to me much better in most cases, because you decide where exactly they move to.
Maybe the player could place strategic markers (attack, retreat, defend), which will force units to retreat towards the nearest retreat marker instead of the base and thus could let them retreat to a well.

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Re: adding something to the userinterface

Post by Solethria » Wed Jan 22, 2020 3:48 pm

Welcome to the forum! I'd say what Lostir said is about right. There can be many units in a game, even when you would group them the health information would really not be of usefull value, since it doesn't represent any useful value. A group can be very healthy but a single (important) unit within the group might not be.

What can work is that you will be able to hide/expand different unit (types) or groups and that way display only that what is relevant to you. Who knows? I'd say it is not unthinkable.

Note that i'm also not really familiar with the system you are referencing.
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