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Post by WerewolfMoonHunter » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:43 pm

After really long break I decited to back to creating new skills for new and old heros. This time I want present you skills for Tauriel. I was thinking about her as an scout whit some support for herself and for allies around her. Pleas, read it and write in comments what do you think.

1. Level 1- Change weapon: Tauriel can use her bow, or her two daggers at fight.

2. Level 1- Dauther of the Forest: Tauriel was raised in Green Forest (Mirkwood). Thanks that and hard treaning, she is able to move quickly and without problems in every forest. Tauriels skills will cool down 15% faster, when she isn't under attack. When she is bettwen trees she will be cloaked, even when she moves, or attacke enemy and she will get +15% for dmg. (passive abillyty)

3. Level 3- Captain of Scouts: Taureil, thanks her skills quickly become captain of scouts. She was responsible for patrolling terytory of Green Forest and destroying every threat within it. All allied archers units are 15% cheeper. All allied cloaked units near her will get 15% for armor and they will retake hp 10% fatser if they aren't under attack. (passive abillyty)

4. Level 5- Athelas: Tauriel was skilled at healing and in knowleg about herbs. Tauriel and all allied heros near her will retake 100% of hp.

5. Level 7- Unbroken Will (can be activated only when Tauriel have less then 15% of hp): Tauriel, even at the wost situation, didn't run away. She was ready to fight even if it means dead for her. Tauriel gets for 30 sec. +25% for dmg and +15% for armor, and her skills cool down two times faster.

Thats all. Thank you for reading. Write what do you think about it.

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Re: Tauriel

Post by Huntik43 » Tue Sep 01, 2020 11:06 pm

Buone abilità,solo che visto che gli arcieri sono un po' il fiore al occhiello delle fazioni elfiche sarebbe negativo per la fazione stessa,solo questo ti consiglio di rivedere grazie

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