Isengard is close

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Isengard is close

Post by BlackDouglasOK » Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:46 pm

It seems that Isengard is almost ready and wanted to share some opinions.
Are they going to put the Uruk Deathbringers? I really detest those troops, they are not inspired or adapted from the trilogy and they take credit from the beloved berserkers.
Are they going to put the warg pack? I like the idea of a basic cavalry, but they would be useless in the late game and I do not like that they look so organized to be wargs without riders.
Will Saruman be a Ring Hero? I do not like the idea of Saruman as Sauron's puppet.
Will the "tortoise" formation be implemented? I would really like to see this formation in the swordman uruks, it should make them invulnerable to the front arrows.

Ugluk: I like that this guy is going to be included. Here I leave which skills I think he should have:
Lv1. Uruk-draught: Uguk and nearby uruk heroes (Lurtz or another Ugluk) recover some health.
Lv2. Scout leader (Leadership): Nearby uruks get a considerable bonus of speed and a slight bonus of damage and experience.
Lv6. Meat is back: His signature skill, Once activated nearby uruks recover health by killing enemies for a limited time, also he says that line.

Sharku: Despite his small role, I think Sharku needs more "personality", which is why I suggest a revision of his abilities (perhaps they are similar to my Ugluk sugested skills).
Lv1. Tame the beast
Lv2. Hunter (Leadership): Nearby Wargs gain a considerable bonus of damage and a slight bonus of speed and experience.
Lv5. Smell: (Passive) His signature skill, Sharku detects hidden or invisible units / (Using it) Sharku permanently detects a selected battalion or hero.
Lv7. Dismount: If Sharku dismounts from his warg, he will die and the game will be uninstalled.

I do not think it is necessary to give the five skills to such small characters and to take each act of them in the films as a "skill", only the necessarily memorable and identifiable from other heroes (a signature skill), if so, Gandalf would have dozens of powers and everybody would have troop summon skills, all-troop leaderships, cripple/poison/weakening attacks etc

PD: I do not know if this faction is already "complete", maybe they will arrive at nightfall, maybe it's just some scouts or maybe 10000 strong. Forgive my english

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