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Post by WerewolfMoonHunter » Fri May 31, 2019 7:10 pm

Hello. It's me again. I wated post it much ealier but exams at university made it little impossiblme.
This time I want show you some of my ideas for great Grima. I really like this Isengard "hero", especially for his oryginal skills. Here I wante show him more like an spy then hero killer with some usefull skills. Almost all of them will be the same like in oryginal game, withs some extra.... options (you will see when you will read to the end ;) )

1. Level 1: Escape- Grima never was a warrior. His the best skills wher lie and hidding and this saved his live many times. Grima become invisible for 30 sec. When he is invisible he can't be attacked but he can't attack too.

2. Level 2: Poisonous Words- Grima was a very good liar. Thanks that he was able to make his position as king adviser. Enemy units at choosen aera will have -25% armor and they will move 15% slower. Enemy heros at choosen aera will have -25% for dmg and they will ahve wait 15% longer for abillyty cool down.

3. Level 4: Threat- When Grima feels safe and stronger then his opponents he is able to threat his enemy. Enemy units at choosen aera will not get any exp. and will do 15% lesser dmg.

4. Level 5: Back Stab- Grima is a coward and he preffer dirty assasination the clear fight. Thats why he is able to stab his enemys by dagger in their back. Choosen enemy hero will suffer middle dmg.

5. Level 10: Loyal Serwant- Grima with Sarumans magick was able to change King Theoden into his puppet. Take permament control at choosen enemy hero.

Grima: Hero of the One Ring

Grima when he get One Ring he see opportunity to become someone more then lesser serwant or spy. Ring feeds his ambitions by visions in which he is powerful ruler. Wormetounge decited to not bring One Ring to Saruman but use it.

1. Level 1: Men from Shadows: Grima, thanks his skills and Rings power is able to hide from his enemys. Grima will be permament invisible when he don't move. When he is invisible he can't be attacked or suffer any dmg. (passive abillity)

2. Level 2: Master of Lies: Grima can use One Ring to make his skills much more powerfull and efective. His words seems to be for others full of truth and visdom. Enemy units at choosen aera will not be able to fight by next 15 sec. Enemy heros at choosen aera will not be able to use their skills by next 15 sec.

3. Level 4: Hiden Truth: Grima can use Ring to spy and gather informations about his opponents and use them against them. Choose enemy unit or hero will be tracked by next 3 minutes.

4. Poison Dagger: One Ring can cover Grimas dagger in spells and deadly Mrogul Poison. Grima can stab choosen enemy hero which will suffer big dmg and will sufer extra dmg from poison by next 10 sec.

5. Level 10: Rings Puppet: Grima wasn't aware of Rings corrupting power which made him easy victim. Lucky for him, he can spreed this corruption at his enemys. Choosen enemy hero will become permamently yours. If Grime dies, One Ring will be teleported to this hero.

Thats all. Write what do you think at comments. And sorry for my english.

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