Sharku (2)

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Sharku (2)

Post by WerewolfMoonHunter » Tue May 07, 2019 1:38 pm

Hello guys. My las ideas for skill for Sharku were.... really bad and weak so I decited o try again. This time I have an plan and.... more clear idea. In this idea Sharku will be more like Warg Riders leader, whit supporting skills. Ideas for this skills are from oryginal game, Edain Mod and comments from ealier post.

1. Level 1- Wargs Den: Big part of Wargs in Sarumans army were breeded in they natural dens in the wild parts of Middle Earth. Sharku can summon allied Warg Den (creeps) which will allow to recruit wild wargs as units.

2. Level 2- Bloody Training: Sharku knows that only the best riders and the most deadly beast can have some use in Saruman army. So he order his troops to preper for battle. Wargs and Wargs Riders at choosen aera will get some exp. and they will get +15% for exp, +15% or dmg and armor for next 1 miute.

3a. Level 3- Pack: Sharku, as one of the Warg Rider leaders have strong possition between orcs and wargs. He can summon some Wargs which will follow him and support him in combat. The number of summon beast depends on Sharkus level:
- level 3- 2 wargs
- level 4- 3 wargs
- level 5- 4 wargs
- level 6- 5 wargs
- level 7 and higher- 6 wargs
When summoned wargs are at battlefield this skill change into "Hunt"
Skill "Pack" will be possible to use again only when all summoned beasts are dead. If any of the summoned wargs survived the battle, after fight they will be revived.

3b. Level 3- Hunt: Sharku can send his Wargs a hunt at enemy. Summoned by Sharku Wargs will attack choosen enemy. They will run at him free and they will not stop until choosen enemy is ead. This skill will not cool down, until the target isn't dead. If all summoned wags are dead his skill will change ino "Pack".

4. Level 5- Howl: Sharku can force his Warg to howl. Thanks that his beast gets into killer mood. Sharku gets +100% to dmg for 30 sec.

5. Level 7- Leader of the Pack: Sharku as the leader of Warg Riders is responsible for Wargs and Wargs Riders in Isnegard army. Wargs and Warg Riders in Dens and Warg Pits are 25% cheeper and they are recruiting 25% faster. (passive abilyty)

Thats all. Thanks for reading. Write what do you think about it in comments. And sorry for eventual ,istakes. I'm writing it from diffrent pc and it working worst then my.

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Re: Sharku (2)

Post by Lostir » Tue May 07, 2019 2:02 pm

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