Confirmed spells and possible replacements

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Re: Confirmed spells and possible replacements

Post by Drvgfvm6 » Mon Jul 29, 2019 12:41 pm

Removed spells that require replacements
1. Barlog... you can change it for.. for example... "Call of the Dead" (connected with Saurons necromantic power)- change every enemy unit at coosen area at allied Ghost which will fight for you by next 5 minutes.
2. Wyrm.... Here you can put for example: "Dead Marshes": Create Dead Marshes and coosen area. Every unit which step at it will suffer dmg from posion. And it should allow to recrut ghosts as units
3. Barrage... just change it for barracs with special units. ..,.....................

I like what you guys have decided apon ! I also would love for Ol' Smaug to replace Drogon as the hero for the slimy little Goblin bastards excuse msh language, and have Drogon be the spell? I think it makes much more sense . Although I understand Smaug is very much more powerful and to have him at his true potential he would have to be a 25 point power spell or else he would destroy every heo mostly one on one in game, again this is merely my opinion on that matter, as for the spells needing replacements.

Well secondly I agree with having the Grond as a purchasable unit in which I will go into detail about in my next separate post.
Now to get back to the question
1) Balrog- Now I agree it should be with Goblins/Wild. As for a 25 spell for Mordor since it is of Third Age Lore during The War of The Ring we must follow the lore. Now depending on how the Witch King and rest of the Nazgul are what do you all think of a 25 point spell that greatly increases all of their powers, stats, health, etc for a period of time or until they are defeated. I mean greatly increases as all of them would have a very strong passive fear that had even stronger units of the other Factions literally running when in a certain distance of them of course not just keep running because that would be unfair but to cause large amounts of discord this would help them accompanying armies and acting as captains as they were most often. Also maybe like Karsh poison from Angmar when he is next to units but it's like there black breath that would damage nearby enemy units over time as well as boosting all allies stats, movement speed and whatever else you could come up with I think that would be very interesting to see and would make them more deadly and such especially being 9 of them I understand the Witch King alone is most powerful but we still don't know what you plan to do with the rest I just think a 25 point spell needs to be strong and greatly buffing and giving WK and Nazgul other passive powers like I mentioned would really hold to the lore and make them more valuable. Because there main power is terror it does say only the strongest of each race could truly withstand there paralyzing fear and black breath. Maybe weapons get that pale glow because they are also able to magically enhance weapons with it .

.2)Wyrm- Definitely call of the Horde I think it is a must for Mordor I think it should greatly increases production speed of all current orc pits already created for set amount of time maybe or maybe not lower the cost of it's units as well allowing Mordor to pump out massive armies of orcs and orc archers and possibly a stronger type of orc if you decide to include that in the pits. I think it would go hand in hand with the Nazgul spell I mentioned before also as so many would be able to keep pouring into the battle weather it be defending an all out assault, finishing the game or just pumping out legions of orcs for skirmishes around the map . It could definitely turn the tides of battles and even full games if used right. I truly think this spell is a must for Mordor because it always has the largest armies in Tolkiens works and the film's I mean that's just Mordor for you.
3) Barrage- To really go hand in hand with Call of the Horde being as Mordor is a faction that should be able to put massive amounts of orc fodder on the field not only to attack or defend but I believe to over whelm any enemies forces in numbers. They may not be nearly as strong but look at major battles just in Pelenor Fields counting orcs alone there was enough to do battle with Gondor and Rohan and probably even Dwarves or Elves as well I mean Sauron had access to the most trooops then anywhere else even more than most combined . With that being said I think another strong 15 point spell that would go perfect with the other two would be something to greatly increases command points for a set amount of time . Think about it using Call of the Horde either when you control map so have max command points and maxing out on troops even though they are most likely dying quickly as well it wouldnt suit Mordor to hear " we can't build anymore too many troops" in that damned orc voice lol or in the occasion you have hardly any command points and defending or whatever the case it increases a good amount allowing you to truly reach Mordors potential. Weather they are already maxed or weather you have the 500 I believe you get when starting the spell adds (X) amount of command points either going over the max amount allowing for massive armies or just helping when you barley have any. What do you all think ? Have it last for a certain amount of time of course not to long and when the times up it goes back to what you had before but units remain on the field until destroyed.

Sorry it's so long I just put a lot of thought into this and I truly think this sticks to what Mordor really is about . Give me feedback i hope our creators take the time to read all of this which I'm sure you will you guys are awesome asking for all of our input and opinions thank you very much team you are the best I cannot wait to play alongside each and every one of you !

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Re: Confirmed spells and possible replacements

Post by Jet Xot » Wed Oct 02, 2019 10:49 am

Mordor 25 points:

-Grond + 4-5 armored trolls.
Respect the lore, its epic, and it is usefull.

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