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Post by WerewolfMoonHunter » Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:34 pm

Hello. Yeah, it's me again. This time I want show you my ideas for Alatar. He was one of Blue Wizards, which traveld from West shors of Middle-earth to the far East to fight agains Sauron influence. I was thinking about him like a unit interferer/mass slayer.

1. Level 1- Blue Wizard: Alatar was one of Blue Wizards, and Istar which was send to Middle-Earth to support Free Peoples in fight with Sauron. Alatar gets 15% of resistance agains enemy magick. If Pallando is at battle field this resustance increases to 30% (passive abillty)

2. Level 1- Wizard Blast: Close range attack that blasts back enemies.

3. Level 3- Pilgrimage: Alatar went with Pallando at long journey to the East parts of Middle-Earth to fight with Sauron and his servants. Trip this was really long, and hard but successful. Alatar gets for 30 sec. +25% for moving speed and he can't be knock back.

4. Level 5- Will of Vallars: Alatar was one of Istari, and his mission and actions were manifestation of Vallars will. Thanks that, he and Pallando were able to weak Saurons influences at East and even free easterlings for short time. All enemy units near Alatar will be stun by fear. All enemy heros near Alatar will not be able to use theyr skill by next 15 sec.

5. Level 7- Slayer of Darkness: Alatars name in Elvish mean: "Slayer of Darkness" and ther was something in it. Thanks to his powers and knowledge Alatar was dangerouse enemy for Sauron. Alatar creates strong magick blast around him, which knock back enemy and deal dmg to them. (weaker version of Gandlaf's "Word of Power")

Thats all. Pleas read and wirte at comments what do you thing. And thank you. :D

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