cooperativ question

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cooperativ question

Post by TuRoK_SK_ » Thu Feb 28, 2019 7:09 pm

Hi did u ever considered contacting EA or Steam or epic games ?Epic games
now are buying lots of games and they could buy this too with would be
great for you guys.. more money and ppl to work with.

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Re: cooperativ question

Post by Solethria » Thu Feb 28, 2019 8:57 pm

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately there is no point in doing so (this is also the reason this project excists in the first place).

The BFME franchise is commercially dead. EA doesn't own the license to lotr universe anymore and Warner Bros does not own the BFME franchise. Also the latter has yet to show any interest in (lotr related) RTS. These are some of the reasons a BFME3 never saw the light of day.

Because of this, a group of skilled fans have decided to take the revival of the franchise in their own hands! This is not without limitation. The project can and will not be commercial, meaning besides voluntary donations for game development there can be no money involved of any kind and everything will be free. It also means official platforms like Steam will be avoided due to potential copyright issues. Thanks to Epic's Unreal Engine 4 this all is possible, but other than that there can be no involvement.
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