Bill Ferny

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Bill Ferny

Post by WerewolfMoonHunter » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:08 pm

Hello guys. This time I wante present you my ideas for Bill Ferny. He was an bandit, and Saruman spy in Bree, which cost some troubles for citizens of the town, and for Frodo. His role in movie is really small. In book is little bigger. In Edain Mod he was presented as useful hero. i was thinking it would be good to have him in BFME Reforged. Here are my ideas. Read and write in comments what do you think. Thank you :)

1. Level 1- Saruman's Spy: Bill Ferny, for the mony and lust for some power and rule, agree to work for Saruman as a spy. Bill gest +100% to sight range for 3 minutes.

2. Level 2- Squealer: Bill was very good spy and squealer. Thanks his work Saruman knew what was happening in Bree and at all Eriador. Random enemy hero will be followed by 30 secounds. If enemy don't have any hero, his fortress will be watch.

3. Level 3- Thug: Bill have really big desire for wealth. Thanks that he don't have any resistance to robbe money form helpless or dead people. Everytime when Bill kill enemy unit, hero or when he destroy enemy building, he will get random number of resources (passive abillity).

4. Level 6- Torch: Bill can use at fight burning torch. When he do this he is able to make more serious damge to enemy and burn buildings. Bill gest for 1 minute +25 for dmg and every unit which attack him will suffer extra dmg from fire.

5. Level 7- Raid: Bill at the late phase of the War for the Ring, he make small raid at the Bree. This attack was unsuccessful, but make some troubles for citizens of the town. Chosen enemy building will loose 75% of endurance. If it is economical building it will produce 50% less resources.

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Re: Bill Ferny

Post by Lostir » Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:29 pm

I think adding a hero like Bill Ferny only makes sense if there are specif hero roles or even further, if scout heroes exist, or else he will just compete too much with other heroes.

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