Resource buildings

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Resource buildings

Post by Lostir » Fri Jan 18, 2019 10:35 am

In my opinion the complete resource system has been the biggest drawback in BfME2 compared to BfME1, because it was stripped from all important descisions.
Of course it was possible, to place your resource buildings anywhere on the map and thus you had to find the optimal spots, but in reality, you already knew these spots after a couple of games, and having to build the resource buildings on predefined buildplots wouldn't have changed anything at all. Furthermore, the interesting decisions from BfME1, where you could decide between different boni depending on the build building are gone, too, where you had a limited amount of settlements and therefore meaningful decisions what to build there.

The only good parts about BfME2 resource system are the lumbermills(which were in BfME1 too), as they offer something different, because they are a lot more interactive for both players. And also the mineshafts, as they offered another kind of interesting gameplay.
And while I think that an additional type of resource wouldn't be good for BfME, more complex resource buildings on the other hand would definetly be a good addition.

I think Isengard is good the way it is with both Lumbermills and Dunlendings as different kind of resource generations, which both fit well into the faction.

Elves economy structure is a Mallorn Tree and as the whole faction focuses quite heavily on trees, I think it would be great, if the radius of the building would be reduced the more trees are nearby. Thus you can build a lot more Mallorn trees inside woods and by summoning more wood through the Elven Wood spell you could also boost your economy, too.

For Men, I think the Age of Empires Mill+Fields system would be great. They would this way need larger free areas to build their Mills and Fields and would have to protect them too from enemies.

For dwarves, I've seen in Edain a structure that could be only build at cliffs, called a Mythril Mine for the dwarves, but I guess that would be too map dependant.

For goblins a much larger focus on pillaging, looting and plundering is justified in my opinion. But to give enemies a way to counter that, the units should have to bring their loot back to a Treasure Trove, or else they will just loose it again.

Mordor should work mainly with slaves in my opinion. From destroying enemy structures they should get slaves, which can be sent to their Slavefarms and have to work there.

What do you think about more complex resource buildings?

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Re: Resource buildings

Post by Syso » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:22 pm

Well, i have to say its very intresting idea. Its always great to see when races are different in many ways. I would be happy to see that in game, cuz the old farms are little boring :) Generally, the economy could be more complicated to let the player think. Btw buildings should be much much stronger so u cant destroy the fortress with 2 goblin giants in under a minute.
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Re: Resource buildings

Post by Solethria » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:59 pm

Overall i really like the simplicity of the bfme 2 resource system. I wouldn't really want to touch it to much. Which is why i actually like some of the ideas you brought up because they provide minor strategy additions, while keeping the original simple free-building resource gathering intact. Some of my thoughts:

- The mallorn tree idea sounds cool, however this would have far too much impact on map design in order to get it balanced across the board. Maybe instead if decreasing the radius, just multiply the money % displayed when building near a certain amount of trees? This would place the focus more on an upgraded individual mallorn tree which fits better with the balancing of lumber mills.

- Men can already boost their economy with the marketplace, maybe tweak and twist this a bit but i think it's a good system and more than enough. The marketplace is more of a late game resource. Men have cheap, fast to build and relatively strong early game so in my opinion this goes well together.

- Dwarves have the skill to boost economy of a certain mine. Maybe instead of this make it a passive that provides X amount of more resources for all mines? Or maybe only level 2+ mines or something like that to balance it.

- Goblins have no problems with their resources provided they have the scavenger powerpoint skill and cheap early game.

- I'm not sure about Mordor. I don't really feel that anything is missing from that faction. Maybe Mordor can put their orcs to work? As in, you can garrison the cheap orc units in a Mill to increase its production.

Just my thoughts on the subject. I think this game needs more strategy options but at the same time i like the simplicity of it. The more resources/resource options, the faster te pace of the game. This also needs to be taken into account.
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Re: Resource buildings

Post by echo » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:02 pm

I honestly agree whole heartily with this, I thought that your ideas where great Lostir in that they didn't break the old system but rather try to alter it to be a bigger part of strategy. I also liked Solethria's tweaks to the idea.
In my opinion we should totally make the resource collection/defense/attack a bigger part of strategy and the game, but at the same time making sure that we protect the simplicity of the old BFME's resource collection/defense/attack. (and of course we don't want to have to micro-manage it the whole time and thus decrease from the overall game.)

Anyway, don't have much to add to this conversation except that I agree with the points made here and think it a collection of great ideas that I would love to see in one form or another in BFME: Reforged.


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