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New game mode

Post by Syso » Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:39 pm

Im aware that this is just for very late game purposes but I would like to talk about a new game mode which can be added to bfme reforged in the future.

The idea:
We need new menu which will be mostly filled with middle-earth map(changed with needed options, informations and statistics)and new ranks for players and races.
We have the map with the regions that we have in Tolkiens story(maybe those from war of the ring mode are fine). The goal is to capture all the regions by one of the races that we have. We would need the system which allows player to chose only 1 race to be his main and so the players can asosiate with and try to conquer the middle-earth(the player can fight only the race he selected as main and can change it only after war end (some race win)).
The region will be captured by the race which have more wins on this. To capture some region(or even fight on it) it have to be connected with our main region(directly or by other captured regions). So if for example Mordor have more wins on region Dagorlad but its not connected to their lands, so the race which it belongs to is race with most wins after Mordor and ofc with connection to their lands.

By winning games and helping with capturing regions player rank grows up.
If the main region of the race is lost the main region moves to the nearest possesed. If all regions of the race are lost, the race does not exist anymore and have to wait for war to end.
When some of race capture all the regions the race got higher rank, climbing the ranked ladder and the players of that race get rewards. Then it starts from the beginning - from main regions.

The description above is a simplified version which i think wouldnt be so hard to make. (I have some thoughts about extended version with much more options but its for very very late, hypothetical future)
Tell me what u think of it ;)
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Re: New game mode

Post by echo » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:05 pm

This sounds interesting, but even in your "simplified" version I had a bit of a hard time understanding everything. Considering that anything like the War of the Ring mode is, like you said, so far from development (the dev team has to fully complete 5 more factions, and mostly likely will do skirmish mode before anything like War of the Ring)... and considering that all of the current development is heading towards the factions like in the old BFME's and not races, I don't know if now is the right time to talk about anything semi-similar to the War of the Ring Mode...

Just my thoughts,

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Re: New game mode

Post by Solethria » Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:15 pm

If we're just talking ideas, i would personally like a small version of the ring wars. Instead of auto-fighting, everything must be fought real time. And you would only play a small region of the Middle Earth map. This way you get multiple smaller multiplayer games against an opponent, instead of just one normal multiplayer skirmish game.

Although on paper this sounds cool, it might be horrible since so much factors play into it. I think it could somehow work after some re-imagination of ring wars.
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