Fear and Terror

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Fear and Terror

Post by Lostir » Tue Jan 15, 2019 8:30 am

In BfME there were two mechanics called Fear and Terror. The first let units run away and the second one let them cower down, thus both making units unable to fight for a short time. There were also Fear-Resistance and Terror-Resistance which made units immun to those effects.

But those mechanics were pretty binary. If you had a resistance leadership, fear and terror were useless, and else they were incredible strong.

But now that we have a new engine, we could have a much more interesting concept.
Instead of just becoming instantly afraid or terrorized, those emotions would stack up. Units would gain fear or terror over time, if an enemy which induces them would be nearby. And when fear has been maxed the next attack they get will make them flee, or the next enemy ability they will be hit by, will make them cower in terror. After the effect is triggered the fear status will be removed and can be stacked again and over times, stack will get reduced too.

And instead of fear/terror-resistance we could have effects that would make units immun to getting more fear stacks for some time, reduce the fear stacks on nearby units, or change the durations of terror and fear.

This leads to some of the heroes that could work around fear, the Nazgul.
  • Their Dread Visage ability will be changed to passively generate 5% fear at nearby enemies every second, so after fighting a Nazgul for 20 seconds, all units would have full fear stacks and would become Afraid/Terrorized by the next attack/ability. If there are more of them, the fear would stack up much faster.
  • The Screech ability of the Nazgul wouldn't cause instant terror anymore, but instead would generate 20% fear in a large area, and because this is an ability, it would also cause terror for fully stacked units.
  • The Nazgul would get another ability, which is called Black Breath and which causes all nearby enemies who have atleast 50% fear to suffer damage. The ability can be activated to give all nearby enemies with more than 50% fear a DoT effect, which lasts until their fear is under 50%

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Re: Fear and Terror

Post by Elrohir » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:33 am

That's great. :D
For Gondor ! :!:

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