Map Objectives

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Map Objectives

Post by Lostir » Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:10 pm

In the original game there were quite a few different map objectives on most maps, mainly in the forms of creep lairs and capturable buildings. And while this topic might only get important when there are more maps, it is still worth discussing it already.

Creep Lairs
Creep Lairs actually have a couple of functions. They protect certain areas on the map, by making them impassable until the player is strong enough to kill the creeps. Secondly, they give money so killing an easy Creep Lair early can give you a resource advantage. And lastly the Wild faction could convert Creep Lairs into their own thus getting free production buildings.

In the original game there have been Goblin-, Troll-, Warg- , Spider- and Dragon Lairs. I've also seen in mods more lairs like wild man lairs like Dunland, Rhudaur and Umbar as well as more variations of the lairs listed above.
What does everyone think about this? Having more different lairs that are more fitting to the actual map. And what do you think about good creep like elves or men of Gondor? I personally would rather not like to see those.

There are also more interesting ideas I have for Lairs. Making them able to level up would allow evil factions with cheap units to sacrifice those to get a lair near an enemy stronger and maybe even damaging them. Or having Lairs get agro, such that if it is unsucseccsfully attacked it will build up a small army and counterattack the nearest player.
Or having lairs with a chieftain, which will work similar to a Thrallmaster such that if he is killed, the whole Lair will be instantly destroyed. This will allow assasin units or heroes to easily deal with those.

Capturable Structures
Besides Creep Lairs there are also the capturable structures, like Inns, Signalfires, Outposts, Ruined Towers and Shipyards.
These help really structure a map and create interesting objectives to fight for. Inns, Signalfires and Outposts are all quite strong and capturing them can give players a huge advantage.
As Shipyards depend completly on ships and how they will be implemented in the game, I wont talk about them here.
To start with Outposts I think it would be cool if there were more map dependent designs instead of the generic one. Maybe like a small village, or just an hermit house or a card of a travelling merchant. Furthermore, I think it would be nice if there were different types of boni. Some might only give CP others money, or some would reduce the cost of certain things like units or upgrades.

While the effect of Signal Fires is great, I'm not such a huge fan of having a Gondor specific feature being anywhere on any map. I think transferring that to either mystic or reinforcement important places would be better.

What do you think about Inns? I think there should be different designs here too, but besides that I have seen in a lot of mods that the units from the Inn were expanded quite a lot and made different for each faction, which I really like. It can even be ok to make Inns value for each faction different such that some factions can just ignore it or only take it to avoid the enemy taking it.

Ruined Towers felt always really bad in my opinion. They were extremly strong and had a first come first serve principle, which made some rather boring. Having them autoevacuate at half life would be better in my opinion and harming the units inside continuously by attacking them such that the fight power would be reduced.

In general I think it would be also interesting to make the capture time dependent on the number of units doing the capturing such that the actual capturing has more tactic value.

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Re: Map Objectives

Post by Zagloba » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:06 pm

That would be great if the team have expanded map objectives & creep mechanics. I would like anything new in the gameplay. :D
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