Units guarding units/heroes, Guard area and Camera settings

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Units guarding units/heroes, Guard area and Camera settings

Post by Metalman » Tue Dec 29, 2020 12:12 pm

Well met folks.

Be great if say for example Archers could guard a hero or other units and vice versa

Also click on two points for unit(s) to guard/pace that area. Like along a wall for example

And hordes auto selecting targets they are more adept at killing. ie Pikemen will attack cavalry before soldiers if cavalry is there next to soldiers. But that's not really important plus it'll make lazy gaming when you can just click them to attack. But if you're fighting two fronts and off screen for one of them it be usefull

And one thing we all searched for was how to change camera height on bfme. Even though the camera set up is now suitable for 4k monitors/TVs, will there be camera height settings cause the gameplay video looks a little low, as well as be able to move camera up and down not just forward back, left and right 360degrees .

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