Idea for a new hero

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Idea for a new hero

Post by Huntik43 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:10 pm

hello I know it's late but I've finished the drawing of the hero that I thought the team might add
Ti men faction with some new particolare powers designed by me for him .... I'm talking about Mardil the wanderer of gondor who died in the return of the king remember if the drawing doesn't and good it can be useful to the team as a starting point to create a drawing and therefore a better hero thank you and support the idea if you want it to be done bye and good evening
in the answers you will find in detail life damage and powers and description when evoked by the citadel and phrases it could say (the moment or situation in which it says a possible phrase is not specified) thank you again
these are the icons of the powers of Mardil also they will be improved if the team becomes the hero (or changed if the powers I suggested are unattainable or have other plans)
I repeat the drawing serves as a basis for the team (if the team will think about creating it) for a better drawing to the advantage of the designer, support the team and the drawing.
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Re: Idea for a new hero

Post by Huntik43 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:50 pm

here are Mardil's stats:
life level 1-1800
life level 10-2800
damage: as fast as that of Hobbit Sam, power close to that of glorfindel
Armor: equal to that of aragorn of aragorn superior to that of aragorn against arrows attack
speed recovery powers itself of faramir Faramir
when summoned from the Citadel
"Summoed one of the more fierce and charismatic wanderers of the men alongside Faramir"
switch weapon hero switch weapon and gain extra damage against elite archers with the bow and extra armor against elite infantry whit sword,
veterans summons two mini battalions (5 for both) one of infantry with double damage and more speed movement
of movement compared to the basic ones and one of rangers with passive that guarantees bonus damage against elite and heroic units
Rangers Mentor (Passive) Heroes who are of the wood elf ranger type, sorcerers, or gondor warriors gain + 25or armor and 25
power reload speed (out of the fight - 20℅ health recovery time)
Cover Fire
a group of rangers appears behind the targeted hero and throws a volley of arrows at his pursuers using swords if they approach and fight them. the allied hero is unassailable for 5 seconds (i.e. does not rule out magical powers such as ... Saruman's fireball).
cost 1200
"my sword defends my friends"
"I can't stand suffering"
"The scouts will warn us of any attacks"
I hope that as a hero he is interesting thanks and support him

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