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Attack Trolls weapons and improvements

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:41 pm
by Huntik43
of 1 bfme I liked (when I could) to make whole armies of trolls even if it was difficult (to bring the trolls to level two arm them with clubs, but not before level two if not they do not heal etc ...) in bfme 2 now there are attack trolls cost 3000 but they are already armed with armor and mace but: they do not care the spearmen do not make them say enough then it costs time and money to make them (500 to bring the troll cage to level 2 double for level three then they are slow to make them at a good pace to create three cages) meanwhile the AI ​​or the player had become difficult to defeat, so I hope balanced: power, cost and recruitment time then it would not be bad to arm the trolls with weapons different (swords, hammers, of iron gloves, more squat hammers to the goblin trolls like the one in death) I hope these suggestions are useful hello.