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Forum sections & site improvements

Post by Jokuc » Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:20 am

First off,
I want to say thank you for creating this new website. The old one was - as you clearly pointed out - greatly flawed and I'm happy you put the time into making a new one. It looks great!


Now, before we see the place getting flooded with posts of bfme fans, I want to throw in my two cents regarding the forum sections. I know the production of the actual game is your focus here, but I think making sure that topics are posted in the correct sections is rather important.

It makes no sense to me that users can create their own threads in the "News" section. In my mind, only the developers should be able to make threads here to provide us with updates. News shouldn't be another place people can mistake for General Discussion. As already stated here, I think you should either make all mod polls pinned by default, or make the section polls/threads by developers/mods only (rename it if needed) and make users able to make polls in general discussion instead as that's where most people put their ideas anyway.

Why does the Feedback section description say "Ask a question"? My advice would be to rename the Feedback section to Questions & Feedback. Then again, everyone is already posting their feedback on the game in General Discussion so you might as well rename it to Site Questions & Feedback if you feel that you need such a section. If you don't, well just name it Game Questions or something.


1. Please have the logo link back to the forum home instead of the main website. This is just inconvenient. Most people will spend their time here, not on the announcement page. Rename the "Site" in the nav preview to Main Site (if people don't understand what it does already) and have users use that if they for some reason want to go back to the main site.

2. Forum dev forgot to put

Code: Select all

background-attachment: fixed;
in forum CSS.

3. Would you please let us put a short description of ourselves in profiles?
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Re: Forum sections & site improvements

Post by Elrohir » Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:58 am

For Gondor ! :!:

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Re: Forum sections & site improvements

Post by Maroni » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:43 pm

Good suggestions, Jokuc, we'll certainly implement them when we'll find time to spare!

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