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Website/Forum Layout Suggestion

Post by AspiringElf » Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:22 am

Hi there,

I can't wait to see this game released, and I've been following the website closely for updates. There are a few inconveniences I'd like to put out there, and maybe others share the sentiment.

1. Can we add a 'Forum' tab on the main website? I'd like to access the forum directly rather than having to click 'Contacts' then access the forum.

2. Is it possible for the home page of the forum to have a section that lists/links a summary of new posts directly from official developers or staff? For example, if I want to see if there are new screenshots released or an update to the road map, those new posts would be displayed on the home page with the date of release.

I think this would really streamline communication efforts! Thanks for considering.

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Re: Website/Forum Layout Suggestion

Post by Solethria » Wed Jul 31, 2019 9:50 am

Hi, first of all welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the feedback, the first point is actually something i've talked about with the team. The old website had it like this but the new one not (yet). Once the website gets some love again i'm sure this can be changed.

Your second point is also interesting, although not every post we make is relevant news. We also just take part in discussion or answer simple questions.

The forum and website do deserve some love, but even more so does the game itself and thus such things often get postponed.
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