Soldiers of Rhûn form BFME I

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Soldiers of Rhûn form BFME I

Post by Men of the East » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:22 pm

I have a bit strange request. I am kindly asking you to consider bringing Soldiers of Rhûn form BFME I to BFME Reforged. I also make request about adding voice to this unit form BFME I beacuse that voice acting was realy cool. I understand that you do more then just modding this game and you have enough work, I am asking you to take this unit into account if it will be possible. :D Okay, I realized that already is that unit in your mod/remake (but without shields!) xDD What voice acting will you use? From BFME I or BFME II?
Picture for reference.

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