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Forum New costrution

Post by Huntik43 » Thu Oct 15, 2020 2:03 pm

beautiful the new structure of the warg knights, the armory is nicer but does not change much anyway, the idea of ​​the particular recruitment for the elves is beautiful. Answere , your will adds new ones (in addition to the classic wargs) the structure will also have to research exclusive upgrades for wargs bye wait repons

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Re: Forum New costrution

Post by Lostir » Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:49 pm

Yes, I completly agree that the Warg Lair is beautiful.

Not sure about the elven barracks. I didn't really understand if that structure only recruits wood elves, or Mithlond and Imladris elves as well. If that is the case, it would be pretty weird for a heavy armoured elf to swing down a rope. If it only affects wood elves, it is pretty great.
Another worry that I have is that with this animation it will take really long until all units have left the building, which could have some quite big gameplay problems.

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Re: Forum New costrution

Post by Huntik43 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 3:05 pm

Yes....for you MARDIL, new Hero this are the power that or trought
A 1 Ranger Warrior
changes weapon from bow to sword but when a bow camouflages near trees and shoots arrows faster near them when a sword during combat if his life drops (green-yellow-orange-dead red) he gets more powerful and faster hits for 4 (green-yellow-orange) seconds against monsters, heroes, mini heroic and elite units
when his health bar reaches red, it emits a partial heal (200 hit points) to him and 30 soldiers around him
B 2 veteran of osghiliat:summons two mini battalions with improved blades foot soldiers arrows set fire to rangers (from five units ... tot 10) one of foot soldiers (skin of footman without shield only sword) the other of rangers (skin ranger armed only with sword (no bow) that attacks hand to hand, and visibly older) who fight alongside him for some time then take their leave
D 4compagno d'arme
potenzia gli eroi di tipo raminghi elfi dei boschi ed eroi arcieri con 20℅ danno e corazza faramir invece ottiene 30℅ danno e corazza oltre 20 secondi in meno di ricarica dei poteri
E6covering fire mardil summons a group of rangers in a straight line behind the hero at
Allied target who attack with a volley of arrows (similar to hooked ones) the first enemy in range and if necessary use swords, the allied hero is unassailable for 4 seconds
F8unyielding defense mardil for 15 seconds increases melee damage and range of allied Rangers

await your opinion and that of the team bye lostir
1)the letters correspond to the order in which the powers are unlocked
2)the numberscorrespond to the level to be reached to unlock,after the description Of power

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